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Sounds rather ominous, does it not? In fact, its not what one might assume at all. You see, after years of writing for online endeavors, this author chooses to do something totally off the wall and to some, possible nonsensical. I choose to write for the sake of writing. Thats right. The pure delight of choosing words and placing them in some type of order on any given subject that suits my particular needs is the express intent and purpose of these Anonymous Email Address assets.

It occurred to me one day in my usual wanderings and visualizations. A domain name whose name will remain nameless at this time, was thrown to the four winds just a few months ago. I chose to leave the rat race and hustle of the Internet and chose a more relaxing and easy going lifestyle. You might say I retired, but actually, that is not true at all. I have been quite busy living the good life and taking all in stride. Actually, loving each and every moment of it since leaving this cold and cruel information highway called the web.

I did away with all of my domains, hosting and Internet assets and simply walked away. It iwas truly refreshing and most invigorating to do so. I rarely used the Internet for more than shopping and actually, did little else on the net. I chose this as a path to take for however long necessary. I did not know if I would return or not, and actually, could not have cared less about it.

One day, my cell phone still had my domain names as favorites on there, and I pulled it up for the sake of seeing what might be there. What I saw was a shock. My domain name, at least one of them, was being used to sell appliances! That is right. All of my hard work in building significant backlinks and credibility online was now being used for something totally and completely different! Someone had been watching my domain journey all along, and was just waiting for the chance to grab those great and powerful domain names! Needless to say, I was then on a new path on the web. The development of domain names, just for the sake of doing it, and then putting them up for sale at a later time would and is becoming the new path. In other words, I am just randomly writing good original content about any subject at all and using a wonderful domain name called Anonymous Email Address as the guideline and keyword for success!

Internet Security and Privacy is a Choice

There is no denying the fact that becoming proactive and taking advantage of specific techniques and strategies that will assure Internet security and privacy is a personal choice. After all, there is no one standing over the individual user on the web, telling them what to do and how to do it. The sad fact of the matter is that most people who use the Internet are not as aware, nor as savvy as they should be about security and privacy. After dealing and mentoring many people online, the fact of the matter is pervasive. People simply do not understand nor even want to understand how the Internet works, and the steps that they should be taking in order to achieve a modicom of security and privacy. Many surfers today will literally go to any ssite and start clicking around, even though it may be hazardous to their Internet health!

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Anonymous Email Address

The author/designer/creator of The Anonymous Email Address Projects has accumulated experience, knowledge and intuition that spans over a decade and a half. Promoting, writing, creating and profile building for substantial online endeavors has led him on an incredible journey into the essence of the web. For most, simply Googling something to find information about it is as far as the journey will take them. For the author of these projects; however, that is only the very tip of the iceberg in terms of being able to tap fully into the entire ebb and flow of content that is seen on the web and actually train and monitor the search engine spiders of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all of the other major search engines, to place information exactly where it will be found.

The Goal

There is no advertising nor commercial endeavor found within any of the projects. The goal intended for Anonymous Email Address is to find its way onto the web in specific keyword areas where the content can be found, read, and ever restributed if this is what the reader intends to do with it. The author of the projects encourages people to take the writings found here and use them at will, for any legitimate, moral and ethical purpose. One may take full journalistic license in using any and all of the content, images and digital creations found on the specific project sites.

Creative Writing Fueled by Visualizations

Finding and producing quality writing projects on the web does not happen by accident. As a matter of fact, much of the work involved here is done through the process of visualization. Seeing within the mind before any work is done makes all of the projects work in harmony and the content flows easily and naturally.

If content is read and enjoyed, feel free to grab any or all of the RSS feeds and share within social networks. Spreading the good word of content writing will be the goal here. Thanks for reading!

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