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The quintessential example of a website dedicated to the topic of the legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma. In 2019, the legalization of marijuana has caused quite a stir amongst the once thought of ultra-conservative Okies. This stems from the fact that a big part of the population comes from rural backgrounds or Indican reservations. The thinking here is more about cattle and cotton, rather than marijauana anc CBD.

However, The State of Oklahoma is changing rapidly as the governement is seeing huge amounts of money flow into the economy and taxes because of the new influx of weed into the economy. The money is too good to pass up and now, the state is beginning to catch hold of the vision of marijuana and what it can mean in more ways than just getting high.

New money, new thining about health and wellness and a new perspective on a simple herb. Marijuana is here to stay in the redneck state of Okie land, and as a result, CBD OKIE will keep right on reporting the news and views.

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