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The topic of marijuana brings to light new talents and inspirations almost on a daily basis. Just about the time you think that you have exhaused the topic and discovered all that there is to know about it, along comes something new, different, unusual and totally special. So it is with the image of the new painting just created by Miss E for the Anonymous Email Address project.

The first viewing of the artwork, this uthor was impressed by the dark coloring and shading done by this up and coming new artistic mind. She has always been very unique in her approach to art and this wonderful image just proves that even more. I took the liberty of adding some additional shading and texture to the original work and discovered a new segment to the image of marijuana.

Miss E had painted this amazing marijuana picture in 3D! Amazing as it is, this author cannot get over the expertise and talent that went into producing this one of a kind piece of marijuana art.

Thanks so much Miss E for you amazing work!

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