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The Parable

To portray the story about Trivita in this most descriptive way, I think it best to begin with a parable. Within this story there will be gems of wisdom for those who actively seek money from MLM or network marketing. The information contained here, within the pages of TRIVITA.ME come from actual experience and years of success, and no success in the MLM industry. These details come from one who has been there, done that and survived to tell the true stories about Trivita and the MLM industry. Though many may not like the words written here, in fact, they are all absolutely true and the Trivita and all of the ways that MLM companies, such as Trivita, try to coerce, convince and intimidate you into thinking that you need to pursue their special business model and make money online. And so the parable begins…

The Farmer-Mr. Trivita

We begin the story about our farmer. Let us call our farmer Mr. Trivita, after all, the whole story about MLM is steeped fully within the boundaries of what Trivita is, is not, will be and will not be in the future. Now Mr. Trivita is a highly successful farmer. He has spent years of hard work and effort in cultivating his crops so that they make him money almost without effort now. His expertise and knowledge in how to get things done on the farm has made Mr. Trivita a very wealthy man indeed. He struggled in the beginning, trying to get others to come and see his bountiful crops; however, he had no luck at all. Then one fine day, he found a group of established farming connoisseurs who came to him with a proposal. They said this. “Mr. Farmer, we will make you richer by the techniques and stragegies that we will use on the Internet called Google. We are a team of motivated and driven entrepreneurs who will make the difference in your business. All you have to do is to pay our commissions on time and we will continue to help promote your farming endeavors to the maximum. No one can do this promotional gig like we can.” Of course, Mr. Trivita agreed wholeheartedly and he said yes to the idea.

The Donkey

For the description within this parable, let us call the marketing team for Trivita The Donkey. After all, donkies are known for their tenacity, their strength and their perserverance. Of course, there is nothing more stubborn than a donkey and therefore a pefect example of what a specialized marketing team mindset should possess. So, our team of experts for the Trivita team will be called The Donkey.

The Big Old Red Apple that the Donkey Marketing Team Follows

And so the process began. That big old red apple was put in front of The Donkey’s nose. This kept that donkey continually moving forward, chasing that apple, or the dream. Chasing that money at the end of the rainbow, or at the end of the advertising and marketing project for Trivita. It was a clever thing to do, that Mr. Trivita knew all of the tricks of the MLM trade. He kept constantly telling the members of the team about legacy income that would be made by building a Trivita business. He told of the numerous benefits of owning a home business. Tax benefits, living the life of your dreams, and making more money than you could image imagine were all part of that big old red apple.

The team of competent marketers when to work promoting the business model of Trivita. Articles were written, press releases posted, websites, blogs and forums were created and tons of content writing went into the process of successfully promoting Mr. Trivita’s farm products. Hours and hours of work, effort, marketing, analysis, promoting, advertising, telling others about Trivita all reaped huge rewards for Mr. Trivita and he was so pleased about the whole process until one day, something happened…

Mr. Trivita Hires the Internet Police!

Mr. Trivita was a clever man. He was so sure that one of The Donkey’s were going to make a mistake and say the wrong thing about the Trivita products that he found the Internet policeman, who would oversee the entire Trivita marketing proejct. It would be his job to make sure to keep all of the lowly donkey’s in place and at the same time, make doubly sure that they kept following that apple. He did his job wonderfully and as soon as he began censoring content, the project begin to fall apart. It would seem that people were no longer interested in hearing about Trivita. Family and friends were weary from being marketed to and no one much seemed interested in the Trivita products.

The road to perdition from Mr. Trivita would describe what happened then, and now. Although The Donkey’s brought in more people and drew more interest than ever before in Trivita’s history, that big old red apple soon dissipated into a raisin, and it continues to dwindle even more in the waning months of 2019.

To Michael Ellison AKA Mr. Trivita. A question if you please, sir? What is an IOU?

To Be Continued…

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