Internet Censorship

Continuing Facebook Censorship In order to get a good handle on exactly what constitutes Internet Censorship, I turn to Wikipedia for a great article on the subject. Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet enacted by regulators, or on their own initiative. Individuals and […]


Censorship is Alive and Well on Facebook! Well, here I go again with my arch nemesis known as Facebook. Seriously, I have had more difficulty in the decade and a half that I have been writing great content on the web with Facebook than any other organization. Just today, this morning as a matter of […]

Anonymous Email Address Projects

A Compilation Anonymous Email Address, the concept design and journey, has undergone major changes recently. What started as a simple and very powerful visualization of what could be accomplished on the world wide web of Google, has grown exponentially into something that has risen in notice and increased visitors further making it a site that […]

Too Much Stuff!

Do You Have Too Much Stuff? I am betting that if I came by your home right now, I would mot likely see three cars, a pickup, a boat, a motorhome, two bikes and numerous stuff in your garage that I cannot even imagine. I would figure that most likely, each and every moment of […]

Happy Thanksgiving from The Anonymous Email Address Projects!

The Coming Year is Going to Be Amazing! Thanksgiving is the beginning of great times of being vitally aware of how fortunate that we all are. We should take some time to become a little introspective, and begin to realize that we, as living and breathing human beings have an unlimited potential to accomplish anything […]