Censorship is Alive and Well on Facebook! Well, here I go again with my arch nemesis known as Facebook. Seriously, I have had more difficulty in the decade and a half that I have been writing great content on the web with Facebook than any other organization. Just today, this morning as a matter of […]

Social Media

Does All Social Media Tolerate Idiocy? I do not know about you, but I think that the next time that I login to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblrr and see some fat bimbo taking a selfie trying to be sexy, and having 5,000 likes and comments on the post, I do believe that I […]

FACEBOOK-Connect with Friends and Family?

Connect With Your Friends Join Your Friends Online. Create A Profile Now (but read this first…LMAO!) Anonymous Email Address The author/designer/creator of The Anonymous Email Address Projects has accumulated experience, knowledge and intuition that spans over a decade and a half. Promoting, writing, creating and profile building for substantial online endeavors has led him on […]